Why us

Perhaps, our list of services is similar to that of other companies.
However, the quality of the Company is determined not only by what it does but also by the manner in which the services are provided and who performs them.

Our team members are highly qualified professionals whose credentials are confirmed by ACCA DipIFR, ACCA ДипНРФ, CIMA DipPM.

As financiers and accountants, we go further than traditional accounting. We help our clients grow and prosper.
All our services comply with the requirements of Russian accounting legislation, audit standards, USALI standards, the requirements of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

This fact as well as the team's accumulated experience allows us to provide diversified professional advice to clients with different backgrounds.

PFM is a full-fledged company that deals with all aspects of the client's financial requirements, including financial and management accounting, tax planning, the creation of forward-looking and contingency plans, financial modeling of processes and preparation of documents for raising capital and lease finance.