Case Study # 9

The Client's situation

The shareholder of a large holding company decided to move into an uncharted territory to take part in a project. The project assumed the construction of an object with a long-term payback period. However, the volume of the workload on the Client's key managers did not allow them to be fully engaged in this new project. Therefore, there was an urgent requirement to fine-tune the financial department for the entire investment period of the project

Game plan

  1. We have examined the requirements of the creditor bank
  2. Then we developed a step-by-step action plan
  3. After that, we allocated a team of specialists who oversaw the Project throughout the investment stage
  4. In the meantime, we helped them to pass successfully several banks credit committees
  5. Besides, we monitored the execution of the covenant of the creditor bank

The benefit

We have established a channel for working with the bank, which allowed us to sail through all parts of the project investment stage and put the facility into operation on schedule. Currently, this facility generates a stable positive cash flow.