Audit and assurance

An audit has never before played such a significant role! In today's conditions, the reporting of a company is subject to rigorous analysis by various authorities. Investors are deeply concerned about various aspects of corporate governance and expect even more - greater reliability, more thorough control, convincing evidence of effective company internal control mechanisms. To meet the expectations of all stakeholders, it is necessary to provide assurance of the reliability of the information contained in the financial statements.

How can we help you?

We believe that an audit should be more than a mere confirmation of historical data. The audit should provide ideas and suggestions for improving accounting and control procedures. Your company may not require a full audit, but there is always a need for a stock inventory or a part audit along with other agreed procedures. As a rule selectivelycoordinated procedures are required in the following cases:

Our detailed report on the agreed-upon procedures will provide you with a clear picture of what is happening in the company's finances. Regardless of whether you need a full audit or just a spot check, we are there to help you! In any case, first, we have to understand your business and goals to provide services that meet the needs.